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  • The T2 bodycam is compact and easy to use due to a two-button design and therefore provides less risk of operator error.
  • In combination with the Zepcam docking station charging and offloading videos is plug and play.
  • The videos will be stored and managed on the Zepcam cloud or your own server.
  • The videos can be viewed and managed with Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems.
T2 Zepcam bodycam

Low light

Camera has excellent night view.

Eco mode

Up to 7 hours of recording.

Water resistant

With IP65 waterproof rating the T2 is reliable in all weather conditions.

Wide field of view

Super-wide 140° field-of-view, ensuring crucial details aren't missed.


Capture video

Compact and easy to use bodycams

Dock and upload

Docking station for data exchange and fast recharge

Secure storage

Store and manage on the Zepcam cloud or own server

View and manage

Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems


The Zepcam T2 bodycam is developed for allround professional use. Its compact shape, easy of use and integrated backend for video offload and video management make the T2 bodycam a complete and robust solution.

Zepcam also provides an easy solution for charging and offloading all the videos from the T2 bodycams. The videos will be offloaded via a secure transmission to the Zepcam cloud or your own server. Zepcam has its own video management software, but can also be integrated with 3rd party software.

More information Docking Station Zepcam software


Integrate bodycams into your existing video management systems.


All network connections are encrypted via secure AES 256-bit.


Video is highly effective evidence in case of incidents.


Use video analysis for evaluation and training improvement.


While docked the T2 recharges and offloads video to a secure server.


The visible worn T2 bodycam helps in aggression reduction

T2 Bodycam

body-worn video recording system for professional use

With a modern and sleek design the Zepcam T2 bodycam is very light to wear and simple to use. With a single press on the big button the user can start or stop recording. By pressing the smaller button the user can 'tag' the videorecording. Meaning that a specific timestamp is created with that tag, so that it can be found faster with the use of video management software. Because of the two-button design there is less risk of operator error.
The T2 bodycam has a wide range of mounts for different kind of uses.
The ruggedized system is developed for use in law enforcement, security, first responders, fire departments, public transport and industry.

T2 Bodycam on a Police vest


  • Video quality
    HD (720p), FullHD (1080P).
  • Video format
  • Photo quality
    21 MP resolution (6048*4032)
  • Photo format
  • Angle of view
    140 degrees (wide)
  • Audio
    Built in microphone
  • Storage
    32GB internal storage
  • Recording time
    7h with a full battery
  • Night view
    Built in Infrared light
  • Size
    78*58*23 MM (H*W*D)
  • Weight
    125 gr
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T2 docking station

Zepcam Docking Station

Quick charge

The docking station will charge the T2 bodycam twice as fast.


All videofiles on the T2 bodycam will be offloaded automatically. After succesfull offloading the T2 bodycam is ready to use again.

End-to-end secure

All files are transmitted securely and encrypted (AES 256-bit) to the Zepcam cloud or your own server.


Firmware of the T2 cams will be updated automatically, if necessary. Making new features available in time.

Complete solution

This dockingstation will make it easy for the user to offload their recordings. Via LED lights the status of the T2 bodycam is shown. The usage is very simple:

  • 1 Plug T2 bodycam into the station
  • 2 The docking station will begin offloading
  • 3 The T2 bodycam is charging
  • 4 If LED is green, the T2 is ready for use

If a LED light is green the T2 bodycam can be used right away. If the LED light is red, it means the T2 bodycam is busy with offloading and charging.

Zepcam Software

View and manage T2 bodycams with Zepcam Software

Zepcam Video Management Software

Zepcam back end software

The Zepcam back end software is available as cloud service and own server software.

The Zepcam Cloud Service is the plug & play cloud solution by Zepcam to view and manage videos made by Zepcam cams and even live streams.

The Zepcam Cloud Service is hosted and managed by Zepcam and makes viewing, sorting and tagging videos real easy.

To view (live) images, audio and GPS position Zepcam offers the browser based Zepcam Video Viewer. Existing video management software (VMS) or command and control rooms get access via our API.

Zepcam Video Management Software
Zepcam Video Management Software

Open system with control room integration

The Zepcam cloud and own server software can be easily integrated with third party video management software.

Flexible platform for more than bodycams

The Zepcam system can be extended with other mobile video solutions lik 4G bodycams and the Zepcam Mobile Video Box for mobile camera surveillance. Flexible and future proof.

Zepcam: European bodycam technology

Zepcam is a European pioneer in bodycam technology since 2009 and has clients in over 40 countries including the police forces in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong.

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